Delores Streng

Delores is the only child of a father who fancied himself a gentleman farmer. Her home sat on 100 acres of horse trails and fruit trees. They raised purebred hogs and American Saddlebred horses, and owned several breeds of dogs. Delores’s father was a stickler on proper feeding, nurturing, and training. This exposure influenced her considerably in the future breeding and care of the Telltale Springers. The principles of developing better stock generation by generation were ingrained in her mind.

Delores began her breeding philosophy from observation. She felt you must have a clear mental picture of what you are trying to achieve. You must have honestly evaluated your family of choice for its strengths and weakness. It is important to understand your pedigree, as it is a perfect map of where your dogs come from, and where you are headed. Line breeding is the most effective way to set traits. Out-crossing should be used sparingly, for each out-cross may not only give you the trait you hoped for, but you may also spend many generations eliminating unwanted traits.



Celie Florence

In 1985, Celie was introduced to Delores through mutual friends George and Mary Ann Alston. At that time, she was breeding Welsh springer spaniels. She was interested in a sporting dog to special, and the Alstons suggested an English springer spaniel, CH Telltale Royal Stuart (CH Telltale Author x CH Stepney’s Cinderella). After many satisfying and successful years together, Delores and Celie reached a point where they wanted to expand their breeding program, and fortunately Celie had the property in which to do this. This was a partnership made in heaven since breeding dogs is a lot more fun with a steady friend, and Delores already had a clear picture of where her breeding program was going.

Delores, Robin, and Celie have discovered that there is no fast way to breed dogs. Patience is a must, and it can take many generations to breed the dog of your dreams. Breeding dogs is not for the faint hearted, but it is a lot more fun with a good friend. Their friendship and partnership has continued for 25 years because they have learned the importance of striking a wonderful balance of trust, honesty, and respect in all breeding and showing decisions. They feel very fortunate to have shared so many wonderful moments in the breed.




Robin Novack

As a teenager in Inkster, Michigan, Robin was a successful Junior Handler. Her first show dog was CH Loujon Elegance "Tiffany" which she acquired from Karen Prickett Miller. Later, Robin’s family decided this was a family venture and bought a house in Jackson, MI, with acres of land. Robin’s parents, along with sister Diane and her husband John, all moved with the hope of enjoying the results of a successful breeding program in a dog friendly environment. The garage was converted into a kennel, and the entire family contributed to the endeavor.

Soon Robin began working for Karen at Loujon Kennels. She took every advantage to study the incredible Loujon dogs and began trimming the kennel dogs for Karen’s comments and guidance. Robin feels that what she learned by observing Karen at the top of her game was priceless. Trimming, presentation,and conditioning were emphasized and Robin learned well. In addition to grooming, Robin learned a great deal about breeding dogs from both Karen and Monica Bowers of Esspecial springers, with whom she bred several litters. Robin stated that when she breeds dogs, she tries to do it with her eyes and hands. She is always looking for that proper shoulder and front piece, in addition to correct outline and movement. Over time she has learned that although many things can affect how puppies develop, first impressions are usually the best.

Robin came on board with the Telltale Springers in 1991 when George and Mary Ann Alston retired from handling. With the many years Robin has had in breeding her own successful line of springers, she has become an integral player along with Delores and Celie in decision-making regarding showing, breeding, and conditioning.



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